O'Keeffee's Working HandsCAUTION:  The images in this blog entry may be disturbing to some readers.  The images have not been altered or enhanced.  Reader discretion is advised.

My first job was as a bagger at a local grocery store.  With all the paper bags I handled and the constant hand washing, my eczema flareups on my hands were the worst they’d ever been.  My work now, also requires a lot of hand washing also and can cause breakouts on my hands to worsen.

However, my wonderful sister found a product for me to try about a year ago.  It’s called O’Keeffe’s Working Hands and can be found at Lowe’s for $7.  Not sure why, but you can find it in their paint section, haha.  For anyone with cracked feet and ankles, O’Keeffe’s also makes Working Feet cream.  Working Hands comes in a green tub and Working Feet comes in a blue one.

The reviews for this product are AMAZING.  And rightfully so.  But this product only works with diligence and continuous use.  Make sure after every wash, while your hands are still moist, apply the “cream.”  I say “cream” because Working Hands isn’t like lotion, or vaseline, or an ointment.  It has a much different consistency than anything I’ve ever used.  It’s non-greasy and non-scented.  It’s worked great for my eczema and I hope it works for yours too.

Before O’Keeffe’s, this is what my hands looked like:

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