I was excited to see there’s an eczema application for both Androids and iPhones.  I have the iPhone 4s and recently discovered two apps I’d like to share with all of you.

1) POScorad –  Not sure what that even stands for, but what’s important to know about this app is the tracking feature.  Oh, and the app is FREE (one of my favorite words).  When you open the app, a diagram of a person is displayed.  You simply click a part of the body to indicate where your eczema is having a flareup and then rank how bad that area is today.

For example, my right hand had a bad flareup today.  I click the right hand, the next button and then click an icon on the new menu that describes what my flareup might be like.  The options are: Dryness, Redness, Swelling, Oozing, Scratch marks and Thickening of skin.  Click one and then rank how bad it is.  So I click Dryness and from zero to three, I rank if my skin is somewhat dry to very dry.  It’s a pretty cool tool.  And since it’s free, there’s no risk in trying it.

2) “Dermatology Times” – Another free app I found for the iPhone 4s is called “Dermatology Times.”  This app has many news articles on eczema and general skin care.  The homescreen displays the latest issues of Dermatology Times and you just click an issue to download and read right onto your phone.  This app is FREE too.

Do you know about any cool apps for people with eczema?  Feel free to share!!


About jamiesjournals

Yes, I have eczema. Yes, I'm writing about it. I suppose it's unoriginal, but I hope my work isn't. Please share more of your stories and experiences with me and please suggest topics if you're curious about anything. Hope to hear from all of you soon!! View all posts by jamiesjournals


  • Christine

    Hi Jamie 🙂 I’d like to develop an app for people suffering from eczema as a portfolio piece. Two of my close friends suffer from it, so it’s close to me. If you’re open to it, can I ask you a few questions to get some context around the user?

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