BlackBox_EMThe skin on my wrists is much lighter than the rest of my body.  It looks bleached and patchy, red, pink and scratchy.  It’s easy to blame yourself for how bad your eczema has gotten, but it’s necessary to understand it’s not all your fault.  We trust our doctors and dermatologists to give us good advice and only recommend medications fit for healing our skin.  But that’s not always the case.  Sometimes the dermatologists we entrust with our eczema don’t always have the best interest for us as patients.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has placed black box warnings on topical steroid creams, Protopic and Elidel.  Black box is the strongest type of warning for use of prescription drugs.  The FDA put this warning on Protopic and Elidel because it means the drug carries significant risk of serious and/or life-threatening adverse affects.  That would’ve been nice to know when my childhood dermatologist suggested I use these ointments.

I used both Elidel and Protopic over the course of seven years, without any indication from a dermatologist, doctor, or pharamacist that there was a FDA warning. Why didn’t I do research to check and see?  Like many patients, I trusted the care and health of my skin to my dermatologist and it’s important to note, I was only 12 years old at the time.  It should have been the responsibility of my parents, but mine were not so adamant about doing the research to help heal my eczema.  I believe they trusted my dermatologist as well.

Don’t be like my parents, be an advocate for your own child’s health.  Be the parent that seeks out information, who helps put on those lotions and creams every night after bath time, who comforts their child as they cry at night over someone who told them they look different, be the parent your own parents would be proud of.  Be the hero to your child and save them from this.  I didn’t know this information back then, but I know it now and you do too.


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