Scratch_EMI can bind my hands at night with oven mitts and duct tape and I will still somehow manage to scratch that itch.  I’m not sure how I manage to puncture a whole through layers of fabric and not only scratch my arm, but scratch until it tears my skin and bleeds leaving residual red beneath my nails.  But that’s how it is at night.  In deep slumber, I really have no control whether I scratch.  It’s not until morning’s blinding sunlight breaks through the window and I wake only to see my skin torn apart.

It breaks my heart every time because I feel like there’s something I should have learned by now to control it.  No number of band-aids, mittens, tape or whatever fabric I’ve cleverly Martha Stewart-ed into an eczema anti-itching device can keep this night itch under control.  For children, Snugglepaws has designed children’s pajamas with built-in mittens in the sleeves of its tops.  I feel a little ridiculous wishing there was an adult version of these jammies.  So tell me…

What do you do to keep your scratching under control at night?

About jamiesjournals

Yes, I have eczema. Yes, I'm writing about it. I suppose it's unoriginal, but I hope my work isn't. Please share more of your stories and experiences with me and please suggest topics if you're curious about anything. Hope to hear from all of you soon!! View all posts by jamiesjournals


  • Amanda

    Benadryl and Klonopin! It’s not ideal, but it does cut down on the scratching.

    • jamiesjournals

      If I took Benadryl, I wouldn’t wake up!! Haha. But scratching my arm off isn’t ideal either!!

      • Amanda

        Yeah, I definitely get Benadryl hangovers haha. I think I’ve developed a tolerance to it though because it doesn’t affect me nearly as much as it used to! Have you ever heard of or tried Atarax? When I was young, my doctor prescribed me that for itching as well. Not a “natural” remedy, but sometimes you just need to not itch!

  • eczemaexcellence

    First off I just found you again, yay! for some reason I hadn’t clicked the button to follow you months ago when I was reading your blog, so now I am catching up on your older posts. Sarna makes an Anti-Itch lotion for sensitive skin that works well at giving temporary relief. I second Amanda that if I am crazy itchy, I will take Benadryl at night to knock me out. I also keep my nails cut very short so I can’t damage myself. I’ve tried everything – socks on hands, gloves on hands, you name it, but they always come off at night. Mometasone is a steroid cream but I use it very, very sparingly if I have mad itchy spots.

    • jamiesjournals

      Oh yay! I am sooo sorry for not responding sooner. My life has been crazy and hectic and I’m just starting to get back into the swing of things. Well, thank you for finding me again and following me. I’m super excited about that. Thanks for your tips!! I’m actually writing a draft right now about short nails and still looking fabulous. Because we all need to feel good about ourselves despite the eczema. Well, looking forward to writing more and reading your responses!!

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