EM_sistersMy dear friend, Carly, has the two most beautiful, smart and charismatic daughters I have ever been lucky enough to meet.  She has an adorable 8-month old and a curious 3-year-old.  I went back to my hometown today and met up with Carly and her lovely family to say hello and catch-up on four months worth of time spent apart since I moved away.  I love both her daughters for warming up my heart in ways other children never have.  Her eldest daughter today pointed at a finger on my right hand and inquired about the yellow teddy bear band-aid  it was enveloped in.  She looked up at Carly with both curiosity and concern and the utmost innocence.  She asked, “Mama, does she have a boo boo?”

I told her daughter, yes.  But now that I have a band-aid, I will be all better.  Then quickly tucked my hands away.  Her daughter was genuinely concerned for me, as a family friend and as someone she has grown to love.  She didn’t see me as the monster I feel like I am some days and she wasn’t afraid of me.  She showed me I don’t have to be afraid either.

That little 3-year-old showed me that I am loved.  She showed me that the people in my life have come to love me for who I am, as is – eczema and all.  I wasn’t sure if I answered the correct way when she asked Carly about my “boo boo’s.”  And I didn’t even know if I should attempt to explain what eczema is or what it means.  But looking back on tonight, it didn’t matter because when she looked at my hands, she saw pain.  And her dear little heart just wanted my hands to get better.

I want them to get better too, sweetheart.

-Photo: The two girls in the photograph are NOT Carly’s daughters.  It is a royalty free photograph.


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Yes, I have eczema. Yes, I'm writing about it. I suppose it's unoriginal, but I hope my work isn't. Please share more of your stories and experiences with me and please suggest topics if you're curious about anything. Hope to hear from all of you soon!! View all posts by jamiesjournals

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