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ImBack_EMHello again digital world!!!

I am back.  I took a break from blogging as I took a break from school.  My brain was fried and just like all of you, I very much wanted to enjoy my time off with family, friends, and my wonderful boyfriend.  So eczema talk aside…

Tell me, what did you do over winter break?  Tell me about Xmas and what you did for New Year’s.


EM_jarfinalDay 1 – Hot chocolate and marshmallows with a secret ingredient.. Well, it’s not so secret anymore!  This is a great “recipe” because it’s easy, delicious and doubles as a potential last-minute Christmas gift.

I got the Nestle hot cocoa powder, Jell-O vanilla pudding powder and marshmallows at Wal-Mart.  The Mason jars were $2 each at Joann’s, but I used 50% off coupons using the Joann’s app on my iPhone to bring my total
down to $1 each.  I used red ribbon I already had at home and burned the Continue reading


XmasGifts_EMThe last thing I want on Christmas day is to be reminded that I have bad eczema.  I have to deal with it all year long, especially in the winter.  Some of these gifts are meant to be a sly way of helping your loved one with eczema, without a big, red, flashing reminder that they have it. Continue reading


English: Salt deposits on the shore of Dead Se...

I’ve talked about Adovia products in a previous blog post, GO GREEN, and wanted to tell all of you about the products I actually tried.  In 2010, my eczema flareups were so completely out of control, my sister grew very concerned.  She did some research about dead sea salt and found bathing salts on-line.  I have to warn you ahead of time these products Continue reading