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Kissing_EMOh, Valentine’s Day!! It’s a day where love in the air, couples abound are twitterpated and singles across the country weep at the thought of being “alone.”  Well, no one is ever really alone on VDay.  This day is really what you make it.  In 2007, I had the best Valentine’s as a single woman because I surrounded myself with wonderful friends.  And this year, my boyfriend and I are celebrating in a unique fashion to avoid crowded restaurants and cliche chocolate hearts.  Although, if going out to eat is your thing and spoiling your significant other with chocolates is something you want to do, please do!! There is nothing wrong with the tradition of Valentine’s day. Continue reading


TJ_EMHere are some starter options for going “Gluten-free:”  (All these products can be found at Trader Joe’s stores and all products are $5 or less!!)

  • Finding gluten-free bread can be a pain, but TJ’s has Udi’s brand bread, including hamburger buns, sliced bread and bagels, all for $5. Continue reading