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I was excited to see there’s an eczema application for both Androids and iPhones.  I have the iPhone 4s and recently discovered two apps I’d like to share with all of you.

1) POScorad –  Not sure what that even stands for, but what’s important to know about this app is the tracking feature.  Oh, and the app is FREE (one of my favorite words).  When you open the app, a diagram of a person is Continue reading


I’m lucky to say I’ve “outgrown” eczema on most of my body.  The back of my knees and inside of my elbows are  laden with skin tones lighter than my skin pigment now.  It’s no longer on my face, neck and ears.  Where it was once on my back, there are now only scars. Continue reading


Bullying is unacceptable.  With today’s mass media, online bullying is rampant.  It’s the “worst kind” of bullying because these cowards feel invincible behind computer screens.  It’s the worst kind because victims have no opportunity to respond. Continue reading


I look in the mirror and see an insecure me. The me that can’t see beyond the big, brown, wondrous eyes traced in emerald green eyeliner and thick black lashes.  The me that can’t smile because the red, irritated skin, peels so much it begins to crack and bleed.  The me that can’t smile because the skin underneath my nose and corners of my mouth feel rigid and tight.

I look in the mirror and see a scaly monster, the monster everyone at school and at work sees. Continue reading


This blog is more than just information about eczema and skin.  This blog is my story.

It’s an incredibly vulnerable experience for me to share all these personal feelings and I can’t thank everyone enough for your support.  My boyfriend, his mom, and my sister have all supported me in writing this blog from the very beginning and I can’t express how much it means to me to know people care about me and all that I share. Continue reading


For anyone who knows me, they know I am NOT tech savvy!  So here is my first attempt at an edited podcast with music.. Enjoy! Continue reading