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O'Keeffee's Working HandsCAUTION:  The images in this blog entry may be disturbing to some readers.  The images have not been altered or enhanced.  Reader discretion is advised.

My first job was as a bagger at a local grocery store.  With all the paper bags I handled and the constant hand washing, my eczema flareups on my hands were the worst Continue reading


Eczema relief treatments for babies aren’t that much different from treatments for adults.  The basic principles for controlling eczema are alike, but babies have much more sensitive skin and are much more susceptible.  Because of this, parents must be very careful and should be proactive about taking care of their infant’s eczema.  Here are some things to practice everyday at home to help baby keep flareups under control.

-Bathe baby in lukewarm water for no more than ten minutes.  Hot water is bad for eczema because it can dry the skin out more by stripping the skin of it’s natural protective oils. Continue reading


Sometimes no matter what ointments we use or medicines we take, our eczema flareups don’t seem to dissipate.  As patients of eczema, we should consider other alternatives for healing.  These are some natural and organic products worth trying:

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Olive oil has been used to soften and soothe skin Continue reading


Both you and I, we are just people.  Whether your reading my blog for yourself, your child, a friend, or significant other, we are all just people seeking help, understanding, information, and above all.. We’re all just looking for someone else who can know what we’re experiencing with eczema. Continue reading


As a blogger I can truly appreciate the writings of others.  Below are some links to bloggers/writers who have eczema too.  All of these people have suffered with this skin condition, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  Read their stories and feel free to share your own personal memoir too.  This is the forum to share your stories Continue reading


Clean, clean, clean! If your home isn’t clean, your skin won’t be happy.  Here are the first few steps you can taking in keeping your environment free of irritants that instigate eczema breakouts.

1) Dusting.  Keep a clean home.  House dust and dust mites Continue reading


Eczema begins with genetics, but can “flareup” because of environmental factors.  There are an array of things that can irritate the skin and worsen eczema.

Taking small steps to change your environment is doable.  In another post, 1ST STEPS TO AN “ECZEMA-PROOF” HOME Continue reading